Every smile counts

Dental technology from Dornbirn

From Wohlgenannt Zahntechnik you get everything from one source from our laboratory in Dornbirn.
We are committed to our claim of the highest quality – every day, with all our creations, with all our employees, with everything we do. 
The best is just good enough for us.

On the pulse of time

Our high quality standards also allow us to actively participate in the testing of new tools for dental technicians. As much technology as necessary and as much technical skills of our employees as possible. We find a combination of outstanding technical skills of our master craftsmen and employees and the best technical equipment are the best prerequisites for our high-quality work. In addition, dental technical care is also characterized by rapid production of preparations – logically, this requires perfect organization.

Fast and safe

We know how important it is to provide rapid care to the person being treated in an emergency. Regardless of the previous history, we first ensure a swiftly fabricated provisional, then we have time to quickly and reliably fabricate the actual preparation with care and accuracy.

in the service of people

We are all about preserving our patients’ smiles. We provide the best possible solution for the person with dental disease. Whether molar or anterior tooth – we guarantee you the perfectly fitting result.

Master company with 3 specialties

Everyone at Wohlgenannt Zahntechnik specializes in a particular field. That’s why we are collectively well-versed in the complex field of dental technology and always up to date – guaranteed without tunnel vision and always at the highest level of quality.

Carola Wohlgenannt

Master of ceramics

has focused on ceramics with great passion and at least as much expertise. With meticulousness and perfection, she has the perfect result purposefully in mind.

Christoph Wohlgenannt

CAD/CAM specialist

The boss himself takes care of the CAD/CAM production with constantly growing know-how. He also passionately coordinates all projects and is responsible for the usual smooth running of Wohlgenannt Zahntechnik.

Doris Kuster-Wohlgenannt

A passion for prosthetics

The feeling of being in the right hands for your prosthesis will come to you after a few seconds with it. She produces her masterful prostheses with great sensitivity and constantly expanding expertise.


unique employee

is responsible for model production. She always keeps track of things in the Wohlgenannt Dental Laboratory and is the best organiser we could wish for.

we are looking for you

Dental technician

We need committed employees with a sense for aesthetics and precision, ideally with knowledge of ceramics. Do you enjoy dental technology and would like to work in any field? Then hurry up - because every smile counts.

for doctors

fixed dentures

Crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays


Telescopic crowns, table tops, temporaries, implants, functional splints, 3D printing

removable dentures

Partial prosthetics, complete dentures, combinations

Data transmission

We can process scans of all types and brands and offer independent and flexible data upload.


This free data transmission tool can be used extensively and is easy to operate. Each data transmission is protected by a unique verification code.

Dentsply Sirona

The Connect Case Center is the central platform for digital impressions. After one-time registration, digital orders are transmitted easily, securely and quickly to the dental laboratory.

Carestream Dental

Discover a better way to quickly share information internationally.This is Integrated Communication with your lab.

How can we help you?

for patients

Implants & Veneers

A person's smile is unique.

Care tips

for teeth and dentures


Dentures and money.

Lab with tradition and future

The passion for dental technology runs in the family

The Wohlgenannt Dental Laboratory was founded in 1978 by Rudolf "Rudl" Wohlgenannt. Together with his wife Irmgard, he built up the laboratory and created the basis for what it is today.

The passion for dental technology must be in the genes, because siblings Doris and Christoph Wohlgenannt both work in the Zahntechnik Wohlgenannt laboratory today.

Family business of the master class

2001 saw the handover of the laboratory from father Rudl to son Christoph. Since 2005, Carola and Christoph Wohlgenannt, together with sister Doris Kuster-Wohlgenannt, have been providing outstanding quality at Wohlgenannt Zahntechnik with commitment and passion. And sometimes, when there is a lot going on, Rudl can also be found, because dental technology never lets you go.

Unique concept

At the Wohlgenannt Dental Laboratory, every dental technician is specialised in one field. Only in this way can we deliver the best possible quality and live up to our masterly standards.

We pass on knowledge


24. – March 25th 2023

Tooth Mold in Bologna, Italy e.max® MASTER Course: IPS Anterior Esthetics

21. – April 22nd 2023

Zahnform, Berlin, e.max® MASTER course: IPS anterior esthetics

10. – November 11th 2023

Tooth Mold in Bologna, Italy e.max® MASTER Course: IPS Anterior Esthetics


March 15th – 18th 2023

IDS trade fair Cologne, BPS total prosthetics, demo at IV booth

7. – Juli 8th 2023

Adventure-Denture-Challenge, Berlin, prosthetics course

13. – Oktober 14th 2023

Adventure-Denture-Challenge prosthetics course, on the Moselle river

Every smile counts.

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